About Us

iGgadeget is your personal start page. For those of you familiar with iGoogle, iGgadeget provides the ideal iGoogle replacement and iGoogle homepage alternative.

Many of us grew to love iGoogle over the years. Ever since its launch in May 2005, we've enjoyed being creative with our home pages adding and arranging new and exciting gadgets such as Google Weather and Google Maps. We've played with different themes to our hearts content in pursuit of the perfect personal homepage experience. However, since its closure in June 2014, users have been looking for a suitable iGoogle replacement.

Similarly, users of the discontinued program Google Desktop have searched for several years for an alternative that can give them live news feeds and the latest tweets or blog posts on topics that inspire them.

iGgadeget was born out a desire by users to find the perfect Google Desktop and iGoogle alternative. The challenge was set - to provide a new home that had the similar look and feel of iGoogle, matched with its range of gadgets (and by that we mean the actual gadgets found on iGoogle and Google Desktop, not imitations) and theme images that inspire us whether relaxing at home or working in the office. Here at iGgadeget we’ve been working hard to achieve just that!

iGgadeget enables users to create their own personal homepage that’s clean and clear and ad-free - exactly as it should be. The site provides thousands of gadgets to choose from, all conveniently divided into categories, together with vibrant and engaging themes. Combined with this, iGgadeget includes custom channel pages focusing on popular topics such as music, entertainment, sport and news.

The iGgadeget development team are continually hard at work adding exciting new features, striving to enhance your experience and enjoyment of the site. We would love to receive your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.